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Analog Recorders

Embedded Analog RecorderCost effective and flexible, our analog recorders simplify the process of recording.  With our variety of different models, you’ll be able to have remote access, giving you the power to see your recording whenever you like.  You’ll also be able to view from your smartphone or tablet.  If you own an Android, iPhone or iPad, you’ll be able to download applications to view images from your recorder at any time.

Not only are our recorders ideal for easy access to surveillance footage, but they’re also a product that pretty much takes care of itself.  Our recorders come with a cloud based monitoring system that will alert you when your recorder needs attention.  We’ll also give you all the support that you need to make sure that your recorder is running exactly the way you want it to.

Unique features include:


  • Remote access
  • Easy installation
  • Email notifications