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Wristbands & Labels

Admitting wristbands & labels to fit any model

We carry all the essentials when it comes to hospital admitting supplies.  From patient wristbands, labels to ink rollers, we have what your hospital needs to make sure that patients are properly identified.  Ask us about our wristbands, labels, ink rollers and card stock.  With a wide selection of products, we have the variety that you’ve been looking for.

Our healthcare products are intended to improve admission processes and efficiencies by meeting patient safety protocols. We offer a wide range of products compatible with all types of printers supporting laser, impact, thermal, and inkjet printers.

Our healthcare products are specially designed to fit adult, pediatric, and infant patients. We offer patient identification products in a variety of materials, colors, sizes, and styles to meet every admission requirement. Customization is available upon request.

Why Thermal Is Better Than Laser In Hospitals:

  1. Ease of Use
  2. Image Durability
  3. Patient Safety
  4. Cost of Ownership

For a full list of pros and cons of thermal vs. laser download here.

Bedside Labeling

Standalone easy-to-implement solution, with no changes or HL7 interfaces with you existing system required.

  • Meets patient verification protocols
  • Labels are legible and include all data required by the Lab to process, including the accession number
  • Eliminate risky preprinted or handwritten Lab Labels

M4 Bedside Diagram LO RES