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Physical Access Control Security

Access Control Prox Card

For businesses of all sizes, in every industry, access control is a valuable tool that can be used for increased security. Capture Technologies offers a wide variety of solutions for door access control, physical and logical access control, and proximity or smart cards. Our integrated identity management and access control systems provide powerful solutions from enrollment to card issuance, access management to reporting by using the latest technologies for efficiency and control.

Electronic card access systems can be implemented as an alternative means of controlled access throughout the facility, allowing you to grant and restrict access to secure areas in the facility and run reports on who has accessed each door and when. From PC-based to our stand-alone solutions, you’ll find something that fits your business model. Access control systems are designed to be scalable, meeting the needs of all organizations. We have solutions that control access to just a single door or for a complex multi–site facility with physical and logical access integration.

While PC-based users appreciate the ability to have one centralized access control system, wireless users love not having to be physically connected. Stand-alone products have their benefits as well. For single doors or for simple PIN code keypads, stand-alone can offer simplicity in an access control solution.

In the end, you’ll be glad to have a system that protects you, your staff and your property. You’ll be able to use key settings that can help you know exactly who is going where and at what time. Ask us more about the many options we have for you in access control.

Physical Access Control Systems

Capture Technologies provides an entire suite of solutions for managing your physical security access control needs, including identifying employees, registering visitors, issuing access cards, controlling door access, tracking time cards, and recording security video. Our solutions provide the greatest flexibility and accountability of any physical access control system (PACS) products on the market, with easy integration between modules to meet your organization’s exact security management needs.

Physical access control systems utilize different types of technologies for physical entry authorization:

  • Card Credentials
  • Keypad (key code)
  • Biometrics (retna, fingerprint, etc)
  • Mobile Access (phones, tablets and smart watches)

Access Cards

For personnel identification and integration between your systems, we offer a selection of contactless smart cards that increase security, provide for use of multiple applications within a single card, and may save you money versus traditional proximity reader/card options. We can provide multiple applications for your organization to give you a true multi-function card, issued seamlessly using Multi-application Open Card Architecture (MOCA™) which allows for tighter security, greater flexibility, and lower per-card costs compared to other products on the market.

Capture Technologies also offers proximity and contactless card readers for easy and convenient card access control solutions for your facility. Proximity readers are attractive, cost-effective, and well suited for interior and exterior applications. Our proximity reader/card solutions are also compatible with many other physical access control technologies offered in the market. Proximity credentials are deliverable in several different forms, including highly durable clamshells, ISO-style for printing custom artwork for identification, and key fob-style for key rings.