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It’s amazing how many customers can be lost due to a negative calling experience, while the business never even realizes it. When you invest in voice recording in Sacramento, CA, you’ll have a big advantage over your competition and a better understanding of the experience your customers are receiving. While this may seem like a no-brainer, you would be surprised how many people haven’t taken advantage of all of the benefits of voice recording in Sacramento, CA. Our voice recording services are often utilized by call centers, as they are able to take advantage of our great voice recording features: audio and screen recording, workforce optimization, compliance recording, speech analytics, quality management, workforce management, eLearning, and coaching. Additionally, here are some great benefits that you will enjoy when you work with Capture Technologies for your voice recording needs.

You Capture the Call

When you take the time to capture the call between your customer and the support team, you’ll benefit in multiple ways. Sacramento voice recording is a great way to review and tweak your calling procedures between co-workers, customer service members, and more. You can also utilize our screen recording to ensure your employees are on task and going through the correct steps on-screen while on a call. This information is invaluable when you take the proper steps in listening to your calls, and then applying the best practices for handling them in a timesaving and efficient manner.

You Stay Organized

When you have your finger on the pulse of all aspects of your business, you’ll find that you stay more organized. With voice recordings you can not only capture conversations, but you can also relay information to your staff at times that are convenient for them. It’s hard to get everyone together to listen to important procedures at one time, but when you have a system in place that is easily accessible for everyone, you won’t hear any excuses about why someone missed the information. Our voice recording technology helps with workforce optimization and management, as well as quality management.

You Improve Customer Communication

Improving communication between you and your customers should always be a top priority. When you take the time to implement Sacramento voice recordings into your routine, you’ll find that you can steadily improve the way you communicate with customers. Having a better understanding of what they are trying to accomplish when they call you will allow you to shorten the amount of time they have to spend on the phone.

You Improve Employee Communication

It’s easy to tell an employee that they need to communicate with customers and co-workers on a professional and friendly level. But it’s much more effective to provide them with examples of conversations and interactions that have occurred. You can show them what a successful call sounds like and what to avoid. Many people are much more receptive to a hands-on approach like this rather than a broad explanation.

You Provide a Safe Environment

When you document important phone calls and other verbal agreements with voice recording, you’ll provide an accurate and detailed description of the events that occurred. This provides a level of safety for the people who are involved on the call, and it can allow you to see the clear picture or any misunderstandings. By doing this, you’ll have the evidence you need to properly assess the situation and make the best decision for your business and the people who were involved on the call. Plus, when people know they are being recorded, they tend to be clearer in communicating what they want.

In addition to providing voice recording services to call centers, Capture Technologies also offers voice recording solutions for public safety offices and 911 dispatch centers. To learn more stop by our office at 2617 K St #125, Sacramento, CA 95816 or call us (916) 443-5050.

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