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Video Surveillance in Sacramento CA

Mobile DVRFinding adequate video surveillance in Sacramento, CA is one of the most important pursuits you can make for your business. Whether you are a small company with a single store or office, or a large corporation with numerous buildings, having a sophisticated video surveillance and security system will help to keep you, your employees and your company assets safe and secure.

1. Better Peace of Mind

When you have a Sacramento video surveillance system installed, you will gain a better peace of mind about your company. Security cameras are running 24/7, meaning that there is never a moment in time that it’s not capturing footage. You no longer need to worry about keeping an eye on specific areas of your business and can instead leave the job to your security cameras.

For as long as you have a surveillance system running at your business, you’ll have the best peace of mind when it comes to the security of your business, employees and assets.

2. Reduced Company Loss and Shortage

Although surveillance cameras can’t physically prevent anyone from damaging merchandise or outright theft, they can help you to identify exactly where and why a company shortage is happening. A Sacramento video surveillance system will allow you to locate who may be stealing from your company. Footage can be used when making a dispute against a suspected customer or employee.

3. Huge Deterrent to Theft

Criminals that engage in theft are going to be looking for targets that have minimal or no security. A lack of security can come in a variety of forms, but one of the most deterring types of security is video surveillance. When you have your security cameras in sight (while keeping a few in obscure areas), you can deter criminals from targeting your store, your employees and yourself.

4. Provides Evidence During a Case

When you take a case through the legal system, you need convincing evidence any time you are making claims against another person or organization. Even if you’re trying to defend against a legal claim against your company, having video surveillance in Sacramento, CA can make a big difference in the outcome of a case.

A surveillance system enables to you to gather evidence and use it for claims or defending against any fraudulent claims against your company.

5. Improve Company Productivity

You can also use Sacramento video surveillance systems to monitor employees, track workflow and make changes based on your findings. Although some companies may not be fond of using surveillance to study or watch their employees, there is some value in using it to improve productivity and workflow across your store or office.

Are you looking to get a better peace of mind, increase productivity, reduce theft and more? Consider Capture Technologies for all of your video surveillance needs. We will help to improve your business safety and security while giving you the tools to improve your business workflow. You can find us locally in Sacramento at 2617 K St #125, Sacramento, CA 95816 and you can call us locally at (916) 443-5050.

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