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Property Management Hub Information System

Property Management Hub Information System

This is a public access QR code. The submitted form information is sent via email, text or HubConnect to the person assigned to receive the responses, who then may route the information using the Hub system to the people who will take care of the issue, whether it is a maintenance person who works for the company or an outside vendor. The form information when submitted may also be simultaneously sent to management and/or owners so they are aware of issues. The Hub system logs any activity regarding the issue and when it has been satisfactorily completed, can be archived for future reference.

Items needed for this type of QR Code:

Names, email addresses and mobile numbers for

  • Owners / Management
  • People assigned to receive the responses and route them to those who will perform the task
  • Maintenance staff, suppliers and vendors


  • For multiple properties name of each property

QR Codes:

  • Designation names or numbers for each unit within each property, e.g. office
    suite numbers, apartment numbers, house address, etc.

Forms – Information you want to collect.