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Video Security

Ultra Compact PTZsWhether you have one building or several, Capture Technologies has the latest in video and security technology to help you to deter crime. Video security solutions keep improving every day, allowing its users to integrate with existing video solutions. Users can have the ability to see clearer images on multiple network screens.

Whatever your business model is, we have the variety that you’re looking for whether it’s indoor and outdoor cameras, or mix the two to fit your specific needs. Cameras typically come in dome shape, or box-style with a variety of accessories to make sure that your camera is staying in place.


You’ll also get to choose between wide selections of dome cameras, including vandal proof and high resolution for quality imaging, as well as multi-sensor, multi-megapixel cameras that provide ample resolution to zoom-in for details in live and recorded video. While many vandals are stealing security equipment, our vandal proof option can help to make sure that your camera is there no matter what. Our vandal proof outdoor domes are specifically built to deal with the toughest environments.

High resolution cameras are available in both indoor and outdoor models, with the ability to record the details in different types of lighting. While yesterday’s video technology would not be able to make out the details of a person’s face, high resolution cameras can.

Security cameras of all kinds can help you feel more secure and help you catch the suspect in case of a crime. Don’t let your assets be vulnerable. Give us a call to find out more about the different security video solutions that we offer.