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Access & Tracking Software

Crisis Alert

Crisis Management

Prevention and deterrence are important factors in initiating a proactive approa
Visitor Manager

Visitor Management

Easy electronic registration and tracking of visitors and guests in any facility
Access Control

Access Manager

A user-friendly access control software that allows for easy assignment of crede
Drivers License Scanning

Driver’s License Scanning

A faster and easier way to enroll users into your system with driver’s lic

Student Attendance Tracking

Student Attendance Tracking

The attendance tracking module allows campuses to seamlessly integrate with their Student Informatio
One Card

One Card Campus Solutions

Capture Technologies has one card solutions for all of your campus applications. These solutions inc
Dining Meal Plan

Dining & Meal Plan Management

Managing student transactions on campus can seem like a daunting task. We offer simple and intuitive
Event Tracking

Event Tracking

Whether you’re looking to efficiently manage campus events or track student use of various facilitie