URkard – Mobile Badging App

  • urKARD is a free downloadable mobile app that can print plastic ID cards anywhere in the world utilizing our driver interface software to a thermal image printer. The cards can print at our office and be mailed to you or you can host the driver and print on your printer in your office. Capture Technologies offers a wide range of different printers for most budgets.
  • urKARD is perfect for service bureaus and can help companies that have employees around the state, country, and world have an opportunity to have a uniform ID. The employee or company representative can take the picture, fill in the required information, and the card simply prints in your office or Captures.
  • urKARD is also great for onsite events as it can register customers quickly and give them IDs in less than 1 minute –
  • To get started please reach out to our inside sales team so we can get your custom template designed, we will upload it to the App Store and Google Play Stores in less than 24 hours.





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