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K-12 Education

Key Management

Highest Security Asset Control We offer several styles of electronically controlled cabinets to store, audit and manage your keys and assets. You can personalize these devices to secure a wide […]
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Access Control Prox Card

Physical Access Control Security

For businesses of all sizes, in every industry, access control is a valuable tool that can be used for increased security. Capture Technologies offers a wide variety of solutions for […]
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K-12 Student ID

K-12 School Student ID Cards

Create a Safe Campus With School ID Cards & Student ID Tracking Schools of all sizes are now looking for new ID solutions to create a more secure environment for […]
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Staff ID Badge Education

K-12 Staff ID Cards

Create a Safe Campus With an Identity Management Solution Improve security and increase efficiency with high quality ID badges for staff, faculty and employees at your K-12 campus. ID badges […]
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K-12 Visitor Manager

K-12 Visitor Management

Easy electronic registration and tracking of visitors and volunteers Visitor management is critical to campus safety but far too often is left to an unattended, self-sign-in station. Active visitor management […]
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Automated Attendance

K-12 Automated Attendance

Comprehensive Smart ID Card & Automated Attendance System Students tap in at a kiosk, wall or desk-mounted card reader to change their status to present. In seconds, the student’s attendance […]
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Crisis Alert

Crisis Management

Prevention and deterrence are important factors in initiating a proactive approach in providing a more secure campus or educational facility.
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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Systems

Security cameras have multiple benefits that go beyond seeing what’s behind the lens. They can help deter intruders away from your business. Just seeing a security camera will sometimes be […]
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Prox and contactless cards

Proximity Cards, Contactless Cards & Readers

Smart contactless & proximity technology with easy and convenient access control for your facility. Our contactless smart and proximity cards and readers are easy to integrate into existing security systems […]
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For every type of application, different ID badge accessories are sometimes needed. From ID cards of all types, to lanyards and card holders, we carry the accessories you’ll need. We […]
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