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Ink rollers for imprinters

Ink Rollers

We carry ink rollers designed to fit all of Addressograph’s imprinters. Just ask and we will assist you with your needs. Some frequently asked questions about imprinters & ink rollers: […]
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Wristbands & Labels

Admitting wristbands & labels to fit any model We carry all the essentials when it comes to hospital admitting supplies.  From patient wristbands, labels to ink rollers, we have what […]
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Card Stock

ID cards are used for much more than basic photo identification. New technology makes PVC cards ideal for school ID badges, employee badges, cashless payment cards, loyalty cards, health insurance […]
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We offer compact, durable and affordable imprinters that are made to last. With our product features, you’ll be able to deliver clean and crisp impressions on hospital forms and documents […]
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