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Pool Services Management Hub Information System


Pool Services Management Hub Information System

This QR code is both publicly and privately accessed. The privately accessed scan has two forms attached so when one form has been completed and submitted, the 2nd form will display to be filled out. Each form may be sent to different people. In this case, the pool service form is sent to the pool owner as well as the office and or owner, while the second form for pool chemistry is for the office only. When the code is scanned for public access the client may report a service issue that may be sent to the service tech and the office. The office is able to review the issue and send it on to an outside vendor for remediation. The Hub system automatically records the data received for analysis as well as logs the information and any notes for future reference.

Items needed for this type of QR Code:

Names, email addresses and mobile numbers for

  • Owners / Management
  • People assigned to receive the responses and route them to those who will perform the task
  • Technicians and vendors
  • Clients


  • Routes or technicians

QR Codes:

  • Clients’ names or pool locations
  • Important information such as gate code, pet information, etc

Forms – Information you want to collect, e.g. service visit tasks performed, pool chemistry and chemical usage, service request issues