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Plastic Cards Printing

membership-685021_640When you invest in plastic cards printing, you and your employees will get to enjoy the many benefits that come with them. They are convenient for the staff because they can hold a monetary amount on them for internal uses, they offer extra security when visitors get checked in, and they make identifying people and their titles much easier. If all that wasn’t enough, there are also some excellent accessories for plastic cards printing that you and your staff and guests can enjoy. Here are some of the best accessories that make the cards even more convenient and enjoyable to use.

Card Holders
Often, people don’t want to have to lug their enter purse or wallet with them when they make visits around a hospital, school, or wherever plastic cards are used. Card holders will keep the integrity of the card intact while also providing people a way to carry their card in an easy way.

Some people will prefer to wear their ID badge, especially if people check the picture on it often. This allows them to access areas quickly that they use for work, without the hassle of digging for their ID before entering.

You can also offer a clip for those that don’t want to pin their card on their clothing. When investing in plastic cards printing, you want to use the best accessories that help people throughout their day and don’t cause frustrations. Clips are a great way to provide an extra element of value to your business, as well as give everyone a professional look.

A lanyard is a great way for people to slip in and out of their ID badge when they are coming and going. It’s also an excellent way for people to simply hang their card when not in use. This little accessory will help plastic card printing costs because employees will be less likely to misplace their badges.

Badge Reels
When you use plastic cards printing, you may choose cards that scan to allow access. If so, a badge reel makes it easier to get around quickly and easily. It reels out for the scanning process and then is simply stored back in its place. It’s a very convenient feature that will save the time and energy of your visitors and employees.

Luggage Holder
If you have people on your staff that travel for work and are required to have their badge with them, a luggage holder will ensure that their bag is easy to identify and that they have the information they need when they get to wherever they’re going. This is a great accessory for those that travel often, as well as those who use a large bag or suitcase when visiting other accounts and businesses in the area.

If plastic cards printing is right for your business, or if you’ve been thinking about revamping your current system of plastic cards printing and ordering, contact Capture Technologies today. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions about what we can do for you.