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Fleet Management Information System

Fleet Management Hub Information System

This is a public access code that drivers may use for daily driver inspection reports, pre/post trip or to report issues with their vehicles, or if supplies are needed. This was made public to avoid having a large number of drivers register their devices, but in small companies with fewer vehicles a private code would work well. Public codes do not require an app to be downloaded to use. When the code is scanned the form information may be relayed by text, email or HubConnect to the office, maintenance department or supply provider, as well as the management and/or owner. The Hub system logs any activity regarding a maintenance issue or automatically collects the data for supplies that can be analyzed and when action has been satisfactorily completed, the system can archive it for future reference.

Items needed for this type of QR Code:

Names, email addresses and mobile numbers for

  • Owners / Management
  • People assigned to receive the responses and route them to those who will perform the task
  • Maintenance staff, suppliers and vendors


  • Routes, company divisions

QR Codes:

  • Vehicle identification numbers, makes, models, etc.

Information you want to collect:

  • Forms for issues vehicles typically experience, supplies vehicle carries, etc.
  • Content for such information as instructions for rental car procedures, basic car operating information, etc.


Handout for Fleet Management