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Identification Solutions

The curious case of a mistaken patient identity

Mistaken patient identities in the healthcare industry are nothing new- a lot of people have faced it, and it occurs almost every day in the US.
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urKARD Mobile Badge Solution for Trade Shows

Imagine having your company's logo in full color with the employee's name and title proudly displayed on a sharp looking badge that can be generated instantly. urKARD is a free downloadable app that can print plastic ID cards anywhere.
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A Greater Gator Pass is a Win For San Francisco State

Students at San Francisco State University are now able to use their Student ID card as a Clipper Card allowing integration with SF MUNI while keeping all their existing ID […]
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ID Card

Card security options for campus IDs

Card security is an understandable concern for many public and private organizations, and the use of security features to detect fraudulent cards is increasing everywhere. An ID card is the […]
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iclass seos access control

Access Control Security Where You’d Least Expect It

When managers think about the security of their business the focus is usually on an impenetrable front door, high-tech surveillance system, and a state-of-the-art access control system. All these things […]
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Zwipe ID Solution

Why Swipe When You Can Zwipe Instead?

Access control and credit card payment systems are taking a giant leap into the future thanks to Zwipe, which has produced the world’s first commercially available fingerprint activated solution. Security, […]
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ISG Member Dealers Received Certification Training from Secure Technology Alliance

Many customers are transitioning from older card technologies to smart card technology. To maintain our strength in providing identification and security solutions, ISG member dealers completed certification training on smart […]
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The Big Need to Secure Big Data Is Big Business

As more and more companies seek to obtain and maintain vast treasure troves of personal data and outside forces seek to steal this very information, the need to secure this […]
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When Bigger Is Better

Identifying When Large-Format IDs Are Needed & How To Do It When the topic of card issuance is discussed in the higher education realm, typically we’re talking about the standard […]
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Access Control

Size DOES Matter In Access Control

Idioms like “Bigger Is Better” and “Go Big or Go Home” are nice, catchy phrases, but when it comes to managing access control, smaller is not only better but businesses […]
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