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Capture Technologies, Inc Appoints Joe Franco as New Director of Sales

Capture Technologies, Inc Proudly Announces the appointment of Joe Franco to Director of Sales Effective January 1st Longtime Capture Employee, Joe Franco, was promoted to Director of Sales. For the […]
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Public Safety Capture

Project 25 is #1 for Public Service Answering Point Solutions

Exchanging accurate and timely information is one of the most important factors in a successful response to an emergency or crisis and Project 25 is making it easier for first-responders […]
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How Can Our Schools Manage the Constant Evolution of Crisis Management?

In today’s ever-changing world, school security and safety are being challenged more and more. Founded on the principals initiated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, (FEMA); Sielox Class, (Crisis Lockdown Alert […]
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Highest Security Asset Control

Several types of businesses are required to maintain a key management system by tracking large numbers of keys and report on their handling.  The type of businesses that have the […]
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Softwares and Services

The Cloud- Hosted, Hybrid, On-Prem, as a Service (aaS)

What does it all mean for your business? Business owners are presented with an increasingly broad set of business solutions, and decision-making, for technology and tech services. Understanding the basics […]
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Capture and PC911

Capture Technologies Expands To Las Vegas After Acquiring IT Company

Las Vegas, NV  January 1, 2018  – Employee-owned Capture Technologies is adding to its owner roll, announcing the purchase of Las Vegas based I.T., Low Voltage and Security company, PC911/Las […]
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70th Year Anniversary

After Seven Decades of Business Technology Solutions, Capture Technologies Thrives

Once upon a time, gasoline cost 16 cents a gallon, the Marshall Plan was created to assist war-torn Europe, and the infamously erroneous headline blared “Dewey Defeats Truman”. The year […]
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A Greater Gator Pass is a Win For San Francisco State

Students at San Francisco State University are now able to use their Student ID card as a Clipper Card allowing integration with SF MUNI while keeping all their existing ID […]
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ID Card

Card security options for campus IDs

Card security is an understandable concern for many public and private organizations, and the use of security features to detect fraudulent cards is increasing everywhere. An ID card is the […]
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iclass seos access control

Access Control Security Where You’d Least Expect It

When managers think about the security of their business the focus is usually on an impenetrable front door, high-tech surveillance system, and a state-of-the-art access control system. All these things […]
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