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Public Safety

Public Safety Best Practices

Prepare your agency for Next Generation 9-1-1 multimedia communications. There are proven techniques
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Every boss wants their employees to be educated. That’s why eLearning is so important for public saf
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Forecast, schedule and create activity reports! We know that PSAPs and emergency communications cent
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Speech Analytics

Handle dispatch by identifying key words Speech analytics help public safety answering points to han
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Demonstrate your desire to improve If you’re curious about what the public thinks of you, then this
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Performance Cards

Identify your strengths and weaknesses With public safety answering points, or PSAPs, handling publi
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Quality Assurance

Improve your performance If you want to improve your quality of calls in public safety, this is the
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Call Recording

Capture: Audio & Screens

Recording solutions that capture multiple types of media and evaluate your performance We carry top
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Workforce Optimization

Everything you need for call recording, in one concentrated solution Workforce Optimization provides
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